Reesie Roo!

Well baby girl…you are six months old today.  I can’t believe you have been here for half of a year.  We had a busy and fun Saturday on your half birthday and as usual you were wonderful through it all.  You are such an easy-going baby most of the time.  You sleep all the way through the night although you haven’t been napping well lately.  You have no teeth and basically no hair!  You roll from your tummy to your back a lot but don’t go much the other way even though you can.  You like to get up on your hands and toes with your booty in the air and you are getting very close to getting on your hands and knees.  I think you will be crawling like a pro before you hit 7 months.  You can sit on your own but you are pretty unsteady still.  You are in love with nursing but show a LOT of interest in people food, it’s very hard to eat and hold you because you grab at our food.  As soon as you can sit up by yourself you will be showing all the markers of being ready for food and we will let you try something.  You love to talk and have been especially talkative to Daddy lately.  When he comes home from work you like to put both hands on his face and you squeal and squeal at him!  You smile at everyone you meet and some of your favorite people are Owen and Noelle.  It’s been a good six months my sweet peanut butter cup! Thanks for living up to your middle name and bringing us SO much JOY!  Here are some pictures of your half birthday!

We started out the day having breakfast at Auntie Janelle’s house and then went to Sissy’s first soccer game.  I didn’t get a picture of you at the game but here is our star player.  You love her!

After the game we went to the Lompoc Aquatic Center with the Coulters.  They are our best friends and Hudson and Adalaide are like siblings to you!   You LOVED the water.  Just sat and splashed for so long in my lap.  You even went down the little water slide with mommy and daddy.  When you got cold I took you into the warm pool with me and you just relaxed into a state of total happiness.  You kicked your legs over and over loving the feeling of being in the water.  Then we enjoyed a starbucks treat with our friends, came home and had dinner.  I had to try to take a couple of pictures of you sitting but you wouldn’t stay still!  So here you are leaning against the couch!

Strong Girl pushing up.

Then it was bath time.   You don’t get in the bath often.  I have to hold your seat down so you don’t float and your brother and sister are just a little too crazy.  I usually just wash you quick but you LOVE the water.  You could sit and splash for so long!

Then brother pooped and declared “Oh for heaven’s sake mama…it’s a poop!”  He’s a funny brother and that meant it was time to get out.  You were a sweet baby playing in your swing while I cleaned up the mess.

By the time I got everyone ready for bed and tried to take a group photo to end your day everyone was done with happy hearts.

We read a story, said our prayers and everyone is fast asleep.  So grateful for a fun day and we are so grateful for the time God has given us with you so far.  I look forward to the second half of your first year.  Food, crawling, walking and maybe a little talking.  It’s so fun to watch you grow!  Love you Reesie Roo!


2:14 it!

“Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Philippians 2:14-15

It’s a new month and a new page on the calendar.  In the top corner of my calendar there is a spot for my “goal of the month” with a couple of lines to fill in.  I’ve ignored this little spot until last month when I put in a bible verse about rejoicing in the Lord.  It helped keep me upbeat when I was feeling down.  New month…new verse!  I decided to choose the one above for the verse of August.

“Do everything without grumbling or arguing”

I am lazy.  Not lazy like I enjoy taking a nap on Sundays and stay in my jammies all day every once in a while.  Lazy.  Slothful.  My house is messy.  There are no clean clothes. We eat a lot of fast food.  I pick crazy fights with my husband over who’s turn it is to change a diaper. Lazy.

I have no desire to stay this way.  I want to be a hard worker and want to train my kids to be hard workers.  When I have good days or weeks that are filled with cleaning, cooking and loving adventures with my kids my heart is always happier.  My marriage is better and I don’t feel guilty about how I spent my time with my kids.

So my “goal of the month” is to combat laziness with cheerful servant hood.  I have chosen the life of a homemaker.  I have picked the career of  serving  my family and it’s time to do it with a happy heart.  Hopefully it will rub off on my kids and we can all learn how to be hard and happy workers.  My friend Annie once said that her and her husband plan to teach their kids to “2:14 it” and I am excited to put it into practice with my kids and in my own heart.

“Do everything without grumbling or arguing”


Verse 15:  “so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation”

There are a lot of personal perks to overcoming my laziness but the main motivation has to be out of a love for the Lord and a desire to serve Him!  When my heart desires nothing more than to serve him the act of serving my family will follow.

And since a blog is not a good blog without a photo…enjoy this one of my happy helper doing dishes at Granny’s house.


Big truck mama!

I love having a son! I can hear my Owen on the other side of the wall not taking a nap. I tucked him in about an hour ago and I squeezed him super tight as I left the room. “again mama” he told me followed by giggles. Every time I squeezed fast and tight he laughed and told me “again mama”. I never knew a son would come with so much love and so many snuggles.

Having a son is hard. It’s physical. It’s hitting. It’s fit throwing. It’s food and toy throwing. But it is so rewarding and fun! It’s full of snails, snuggles, Staring up at the sky searching for airplanes and “coppa coppas”, it’s passing semis and tractors and tow trucks and yelling with joy “big truck!” I never knew there could be so much joy and fun in dirt, bugs and cars!

I love the little constant reminders that I am raising a boy!


I love finding these reminders in my kitchen!


a very tangled party

I haven’t been an active blogger in years.  Decided to pick it up again and what could inspire me more than pictures of a super fun birthday party.  My baby girl turned 5 and we had a blast celebrating.  Of course we had to hop on the Tangled train and when we decide on a theme we go all out.  Lets let the pictures do the talking….

The cake (yes my creative intensity makes me leave out letters)

The Lanterns

The Hair

The Boats

The crafts

The Game

The crowd

The presents

The fun

The beautiful birthday girl!!

We love you so much Noelle!  Keep growing healthy, keep being crazy and funky even when you drive me nuts, keep loving Jesus!!!